TLords Games

Our roots are in Space combat. Having said that, we also tried to establish an active group in Jedi Academy but except for Piet and some game nights with SSFW no TLords picked it up. We desperately tried to keep playing in Space Combat and only after the betrayal of SWG by Sony we decided to leave space and play Lord of the Rings Online. In this chapter you will find a story of each game we played. We even had a Chapter in World of Warcraft but I left that one out.

The core of each organization are its members and platforms. After the first website built by Onion, Murgen has always built and hosted our websites. When our first free domain stopped we decided to register and as you can see it is still here.


To facilitate the TLords members and the games, Murgen ran a website, a forum and for several years a TeamSpeak server. When the first generation TLords dropped off and new members came in there was a huge chance in attitude. New members, mainly MMO-players, were not interested in a website, a dedicated forum and TeamSpeak. Basically, they did not care at all. Step by step facilities were brought back to the minimal requirements.

Clearly gaming changed over the years. However, Murgen found where he was looking for when he met people who were similar to him in Star Citizen. Star Citizen brings young and old together and each organization has a strong purpose and identity. Star Citizen is no longer a TLords game but an OBEC game, an organization from which Murgen is co-founder.

The future is in Star Citizen. Enjoy your read. And hopefully I see you in that game.

2001 - 2019 Murgen Templar - The Adventures Of A Magnificent Gentleman