"There are many organizations in and around Star Citizen. There is also a lot of negativity going around. Because of bugs, because of lack of progress, because of people getting fed up with the unbalance between game development and the sometimes ridiculous ship sales for further funding. This is the reason The TLord Society has been brought back to live. As a permanent place of positivity and fun. And as a place which is well run and organized. No dependancies". 

 TLords Blog

2020-05-05: Added some useful tools to the main-page: Google Calendar for events and Status Star Citizen. Enjoy. 

2020-05-02: Star Citizen Patch 3.9 is live. Ask me for details on Discord. 

2020-04-20: We are live with the website. Reminder: hangout for friends and old TLords. Nothing more, nothing left

2020-04-19: Testing Alpha patch 3.9

2020-04-19: We are in  the proces of preparing the first release. Mind you, TLord Society is for friends and friends only

2020-04-16: TLords Twitter and YouTube operational

2020-04-13: Today is the day we started the new version of our website

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