Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an upcoming massively multiplayer, space trading and combat video game for Microsoft Windows and Linux. The development includes a single-player campaign titled Squadron 42. Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are produced by Chris Roberts' company Cloud Imperium Games and its European counterpart Foundry 42 and marketed under the Cloud Imperium Games subsidiary Roberts Space Industries. Game development is financed by a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign and the pre-sale of game items and currency on the company's homepage.


Star Citizen (SC) was announced to the gaming world in September 2012. In December 2017 the game is still in alpha mode. SC is the only game that allows it’s backers to actually play the alpha version of game. Developers and backers work and play side by side to create the most innovative game ever made. The community is close to the release of alpha 3.0 which includes the groundbreaking procedural planet and moon generation and the first cargo missions and outposts. SC actually generates full moons and planets and seamless gameplay, no cut or load-scenes. You fly to a moon or planet and at one point the globe turns into a horizon. Today SC has almost 2 million backers and collected 170 million dollar in crowdfunded capital. Deadlines are never made but progress is made in one of the most challenging developments ever. 


Murgen directly acknowledged SC is a game that will fit TLords like a glove and rallied all the remaining members. However, 2-5 players are no match for the upcoming enemies (pirates, scavengers, aliens) and Murgen changed his approach. First he tried to interest the Facebook group of XWA players but they seem to live in the past and are not up for a new adventure. Then he joined a large organization, made a career in there only to find out the leader and founder is a psychopath. 

Together with the other members of the staff, Murgen left and they founded a new organization: OBEC. OBEC is much like TLords in it’s early days, a group of friends playing a game. Having fun, working together, helping each other. First rule: real life comes first. Therefore Star Citizen will not be a TLords game but an OBEC game. Murgen disolved TLords and invite you all to join OBEC

This was the story of TLords. Thank you for reading it and we hope you enjoyed the journey. Thank you for being here and good bye. The next page is about the selfish idiot who named himself Murgen. Toodles.

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