Sky Knights

The Sky Knights was one of the first clans in X-Wing versus Tie-Fighter and X-Wing Alliance and was originally named ‘The British Bulldogs’. The original founders of Sky Knights, handle [KNIGHT], were no longer active in the summer of 2000. Not much of their history is left to tell.


In the summer of 2000, Murgen got bored with the single-player part of X-Wing Alliance and playing point to point with his brother was no fun because that n00b was not into space combat. Murgen selected The Zone and created an account and joined a game-room in which KNIGHT Youri challenged him for a game. Murgen obviously won and was invited to join the Sky Knights. In the months after this historical day Murgen and his new friends recruited and trained a squadron of gamers. The Raven Squadron. We participated in the monthly Week of War competition and the Euro Fighter League with SSFW, BLESS and others.

All went well until KNIGHT Clark (15 years old, leader in Sky Knights) told Murgen he would take it from there and would gracefully allow Murgen to stay on as his assistant. A day later, January 2nd, 2001, the full Raven Squadron left Sky Knights. Sky Knights never recovered from this and ceased to be.

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