2019-09-11: Converted the website to Blocs, a newer and better webbuilder 

2019-09-03: We run on 3.6 now. Impressive Origin 890 Jump added (210 meter long luxuary yacht)

2019-07-15: GameGlass offers Tablet software as MFD’s for Star Citizen. Makes life easy!

2019-06-06: Decided to semi-retire and enjoy life (which turns out to be a good decision) 

2019-04-18: We run on 3.5 now and ArcCorp added to the system (SC’s Coruscant)

2019-03-01: Curious about OBEC? Try obec.space

2018-12-31: I wish you all a happy and successful 2019

2018-12-30: Things went fast. SC alpha 3.4.1 with the first planet and a city with a metro system

2018-12-20: We ran a week of daily activity and we had a nice team exploring Hurston and moons

2018-12-15: Quite some salt on the XWA FaceBook page. They have no clue about Star Citizen

2018-11-10: Family flew to Bali, I treated myself on a 34-inch widescreen with a RTX2080 videocard

2018-08-26: Alpha 3.2.2 gave us mining. Upcoming 3.3 will improve netcode and will double the Verse

2018-06-05: Star Citizen is a slow journey, it will take at least 3 more years to get a more or less complete game

2018-06-04: Activity in my current organization is so low that I consider a solo project

2018-05-22: TLords website is not subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2018-05-18: We just hit alpha 3.1.4 with working speederbikes (Dragonfly and Nox)

2018-01-26: Polaris is doing fine, with his job and family he is just too busy to be bothered with gaming

2018-01-25: Sandvox was deceiving me, fonts were different on other browsers then Safari. DoH!

2018-01-24: Updates page added to website

2018-01-24: TLords Society Forums has been taken offline. Too many Bots were registering on an invisible forum

2018-01-23: JohnA has now reading glasses

2018–1-22: TLord Piet will join as soon as he has the opportunity to get a game package

2018-01-22: Murgen ordered a new rig, a Coffee lake 8700 with a M2 SSD … yummie yummie

2018-01-01: Happy 2018 ya'all!

2017-12-31: Hunter, Heer and Onion joined OBEC. Welcome Gentlemen!